The organizing partners

The co-organizer

Fiera Roma

• With its modern and functional structures inaugurated in 2006, Fiera Roma represents today one of the largest and more prestigious exhibition venues in Europe.
• An excellent futuristic business and liaison hub, FIERA ROMA hosts more than 60 events every year, among meeting, congresses, competitions, prizes and exhibitions.
• General audience and professionals entering the gates of Fiera Roma overcome the figure of 2 million per year.
The co-organizer

Union Glory Intl
Exhibition co., ltd.

• UGI, established with 10M YUAN registered capital, is mainly engaged in international exhibition & show business, conference services, organization and planning of cultural and artistic exchanges activities, operation agency, technology import/export business, business information consulting and translation services, etc.
• It has undertaken the work of China Import and Export Fair and furnishing and decoration works of a variety of exhibition booths and public environment, and have achieved good social benefits.
• At the same time, in order to help the exhibitors alleviate their financial pressure in developing the international market, the Company has been actively assisting enterprises to handle and apply for SMEs international market development funding, to help them accelerate the internationalization process of their brands.
The institute

Istituto Italiano OBOR – 意大利一带一路研究机构

Italy is a country that sometimes has difficulty working in an integrated way, and because of this it may be unprepared or unattractive to important moments like in the next few years with the development of OBOR.
Istituto Italiano OBOR – 意大利一带一路研究机构, founded by Michele De Gasperis, has been established from the desire to network experiences, proposals and contributions of all the stakeholders interested in One Belt One Road and in the issues related to its developments in Italy.
The Institute, with its Study Center, is aimed at Italian and Chinese public institutions with the goal of identifying and gathering people and experiences to ensure that Italy has a more incisive role in this system, to govern rather than suffer it.



Associna is the first and main association representing the new generations of italian chinese born or grown up in Italy. Established in 2005, mainly on the web, it has grown up to become a nationwide association. Today, Associna is operating in the main italian cities with a major presence of chinese citizens: Milan, Prato, Rome, Padua, Genoa, Turin, Bologna and Florence.
Associna first started the national debate about the chinese second generations with italian main institutions, organizations and chinese associations.
Nowadays Associna represents a reference point not only for the sino-italian second generations, but also for those who are willing to know something more about chinese culture and the multicultural nature of the chinese born in Italy. Our mission is to actively promote mutual knowledge, believing that diversity is a cultural richness. Associna speaks up for and represents the second generation italian chinese, so that their intercultural characteristics may be fully appreciated and shared, therefore developing positive energies between italian and chinese society.

Camera di Commercio Italo-Cinese

The Italy-China Chamber of Commerce (CCIC) is a private, non-profit organization recognized by the Ministry of Economic Development and by the Chinese government.
Founded in 1970 following the re-establishment of diplomatic relations between Italy and China, its mission is to support and promote the development of the economic and commercial ties between the two countries.

With 45 years of experience in assisting Italian and Chinese firms, the Italy-China Chamber of Commerce has adapted to the changing needs of companies over time by offering a wide range of services such as facilitate contacts, assist in negotiations, provide trainings, give commercial advice regarding Chinese and Italian markets, provide legal assistance, translations, interpreter, organize events and networking, etc.

Together with the Italy China Foundation – with which it has reached an integration agreement – CCIC supports over 500 member companies and institutions.
CCIC is part of the Italy-China Committee organized by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Italy-China Chamber of Commerce is a founding member of the EU-China Business Association (EUCBA).

Chinese Entrepreneur Business College in Europe

Chinese Entrepreneur Business College in Europe

Chinese Entrepreneur Business College in Europe, founded in Rome on March 22, 2017, aims to create a platform for Chinese and European entrepreneurs to learn and exchange, train Chinese and European companies to serve local countries through the economic model of the 3C: Creating Taxes, Creating Jobs and Creating New Markets.

Since its foundation, the Chinese Entrepreneur Business College in Europe has organized and successfully completed 16 training courses, with a total of 2187 participants. The entrepreneurs who participated are Chinese entrepreneurs with economic activities in European countries, such as Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, etc.. The cities where the courses took place were Rome, Milan, Prato, Naples and Madrid.

Chinese Entrepreneur Business College in Europe has established a strategic partnership with Renmin University of China and has a deep collaboration with Zhejiang University, Beihang University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Xiamen University, Zhejiang Sci-Tech University, Shandong University, Jinan University, and Wenzhou University. It has also established a partnership with LUISS Business School in Rome.



CUEIM, University Consortium for Industrial and Managerial Economics, is a non-profit entity founded in the 1982 and specialized in the production, dissemination and implementation of the economic and managerial knowledge. It is based on a network of 24 Universities and a variety of enterprises, as well as public and private institutions. CUEIM promotes and plays a role of connecting the practical activities and the theoretical research, in the field of the managerial economy as well as in the business and scientific field. Its work is realized through research activities, training, diffusion and promotion of knowledge even with specific working groups. Nowadays, CUEIM it’s an open network where the academic and the institutional world along with the public and private entities collaborate. The main scope is to promote sustainability creating a common value for stakeholders and territories.

Élite China Academy

Élite China Academy is the first Italian Academy exclusively focused on the professional training for Chinese Language students and graduates. The Academy aims at creating the largest community of young Chinese-speaking Professionals in Italy, to share experiences, study in a stimulating environment and learn practical professional skills.
The courses are modular and divided in specializations, one for every key area of Italy China cooperation: Business, Luxury, Travel, Interpreting and Cultural Industry. The Academy also provides other training opportunities, Lifelong Learning seminars and career coaching sessions, striving to increase students’ work opportunities and professional level and, at the same time, responding to the growing need of Italian companies to have qualified personnel who can promote bilateral relations.

Fondazione Italia Cina

The Italy China Foundation is a non-profit organization that aims at promoting economic, political and cultural exchanges between Italy and China. In particular, it seeks to increase the exchange of ideas, people, goods, services and capital between the two countries, helping its Italian and Chinese members to seize opportunities offered by the two markets. The Foundation actively liaise with local and national institutions in order to contribute to closer economic and commercial relations, as well as to promote a better economic environment for Italian companies operating with China and a more receptive environment for Chinese companies in Italy. The Foundation includes among its members Ministries, Regions, the most important entrepreneurial realities and the main credit institutions in Italy, as well as the association that brings together the Chinese multinationals that have invested in Italy.



ITALY – CHINA LINK Association is non profit organisation that connects ITALIAN EXCELLENCES & CHINESE EXCELLENCES in any field with the purpose of create interdisciplinary networks and represents the licit interests of their associates among the Institutions and the international and national stakeholders in ITALY and CHINA. we promote:

1. International cooperation with China by establishing contact mechanisms, building cooperation technologies platforms and furthering pragmatic cooperation in education, in the fields of economics, innovation, media, communications, arts, sports, health and other areas to create favorable conditions to achieve win-win results and common development.
2. Exchange visits of delegations, holding commemorative events, initiating and hosting exchange activities including seminars, talks, and forums to enhance mutual understanding, to build trust and develop friendship with people from other countries.
3. Exchanges, bilateral cooperation relations and twinning projects between Italian and Chinese cities and local governments.
4. Other activities to enhance friendly cooperation between the Italian and Chinese people connecting the world of Excellence in any field with the purpose of create interdisciplinary networks.

We deveope a new approach and solutions to the quality management system capable to define what does “High Quality” and Leadership mean, in the global contest; how promote e sell high quality/luxory product and services “certificated and guaranteed” in the world.

ITALY-CHINA LINK also promote research, studies, training and formation with reference to the development and dissemination of knowledge in the fields of:
– Digital economy, new media, social media, focusing on ethics and exponentially growing technologies,
– Cross-culture communication and promotion, augmented reality, new technology platforms, to support organizations with new strategies and technological solutions to compete in the global market,
– Edutainment (education + entertainment) production, new digital & web formats that through a fun learning, promote professional development and awareness
– Study, research, innovations with primary regard to Total Quality Process & Communication and CSR Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives.


Vento d’Italia is the digital platform designed for welcoming Chinese tourists in Italy, using their language and their favorite communication channel: the WeChat ecosystem. The project, promoted by Italian Lifestyle and supported by the Master of Tourism (Roma Tre University) and OmnitechIT, aims to highlight the Italian landscape and cultural heritage, both tangible and intangible, making it accessible to Chinese visitors through their mobile devices.

To make it possible, breaking down technological and interchange barriers, Vento d’Italia elaborates a culturally and linguistically localized communication, and develops technological architectures and software within the Chinese digital ecosystem. Moreover, considering Enogastronomy and Made in Italy as legitimate heirs of Italian historical-artistic traditions, Vento d’Italia offers visibility in the Chinese tourist market to the Italian excellences thanks to its own commercial sections. Furthermore, Vento d’Italia developed a MiniProgram, visible in Italy and in China, to allow visitors to book and directly purchase tickets and tourist services through a sophisticated geolocation service. The creative contents of Vento d’Italia, therefore, have the twofold objective of divulging the Italian artistic heritage, and recommending Italian excellences in a vibrant and unique way. The result is a full, engaging and authentic tourist experience.

In 2018 Vento d’Italia was awarded the recognition, during the national competition organised by MiBACT and Invitalia, to be among the 10 most innovative start-ups in the tourism sector, and gained the support of the Municipality of Rome, Milan, Florence and Turin.